Haircuts & styling

Looking to get the best haircut in Redditch? You are in the right place.


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Professional Haircuts & Hair Stylists in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Whether you are looking to preserve a signature look or create a new one – we work with you to create the perfect cut. All cuts include a personalised pre-cut consultation upon arrival as well as customised shampoo and conditioning treatment. The Hair Factory is your family friendly Redditch hair salon and offers haircuts for all ages and styles.

Smoothing Hair Treatments in Redditch, Worcestershire.

For people with curly, wavy or straight hair – our smoothing treatments relax and improve the overall health of your hair. Our hair smoothing treatments are keratin enriched to straighten and smooth out your hair for eight weeks. This indulgent formula will strengthen and smooth out your hair's cuticles. Make hair more manageable, control frizz and have sleeker hair – even in humid weather.

Which hair cut will suit your face shape?  If I had a penny for every time I have heard this.....well, I would still be in this profession I love! As we grow our face shape does change and I do think its more than just face shape to determine the best style for you. We need to look at it all - colour, cut and finish. After all, you wear your hair with everything right?

There are some guidelines to follow though such as if you have  a long face shape a fringe can do wonders. There are plenty of sites on Google to research this topic but I believe the best advice can be straight from your stylist. Here at The Hair Factory the consultation is the most important part of the appointment. What are your goals? What upkeep are you looking at spending on your style and its everyday maintenance? 

Short Hair Cuts

What are you thinking? A pixie cut, classic bob or are you a rule breaker and looking for a statement cut? Our stylist will be with you from start to finish and even on the other end of an email or phone call if you need a little help the next day when you come to style your new do.

A Short hair cut sounds like a simple and easy maintenance style yes?  Well yes and no. You may be able to get up most days, wash and go, but you will have to have a maintenance cut more often to keep you looking your best. 

Mid Length Hair Cuts

Medium length styles can give you a lot of versatility. Are you in a rush and got to be out that door in no time? Simply swirl it up in to a twist and clip or brush back into a sleek pony. If you have more time on you hands you could maybe add a beachy wave with a curling wand or add some rollers to give you volume and a bit of root boost. - We have some fabulous products to help you with a bit of volume creation.

Long Hair Cuts

This is when you can really have some fun. Long hair can be blow-dried, curled, styled in to a stunning up-do....endless possibilities and if you cant grow that extra length you can always add it with hair extensions.

One thing though, just because it's long and you may mostly wear it up does not mean you must let regular maintenance cuts fall behind. If not cut regularly, hair will split and this will split all the way up the hair shaft and long hair, well, any hair with split ends does not look good ladies or gents...we are a gender neutral salon after-all.


Men’s Hair Cutting

Did you know we also cut men's hair? If you are looking for professional cut you are in the right place. We are not a barbers though and the conveyor belt system does not operate here. We are gender neutral and you will receive the same service as the ladies. So, is your style classic? funky and modern? or if you have long luscious locks, we will book out the time to ensure you leave looking fabulous too. To book an appointment call us on 01527584040 or book online here.

Gender neutral pricing now at the hair factory.

We have thrown out the old fashion price list which are based on gender and now only focus on style to be achieved. We have broken our prices down and as these are FROM we will adapt them to your individual needs based on hair length, thickness and style.

* Prices shown are FROM and may change depending on stylist, hair length and thickness.  We work with each client on an individual basis and adapt your service to suit you.